Start Your Best Life Now - Live your life ON PURPOSE!
  You're NEVER done growing!
We believe you're NEVER done growing!  Don't just "let life happen."  Make deliberate decisions about what's right for you!  Find the best of what's next for you!  Reinvent yourself...Reposition...Reignite your passions.  And, focus on what matters most to you! 
Whether you are in transition, leaving your current job, looking for more fulfillment--or want to be sure you make the most of your bonus years--it's important to make a deliberate decision about what's right for YOU! 
Together we can find the best of what's next for YOU! What do YOU want to do when you grow up?
Get started now!  Participate in an upcoming session:
        Get involved in a Six-hour Academy (three two-hour sessions). 
       To Start Your Best Life Now, the Academy will help you answer these
               --  Who are you now--today?  Who do you want to be?
           --  What do you REALLY want?
           --  What matters most to you?
           --  How do I get started?
        We also offer:
           --  Individual coaching
           --  Couples sessions
           --  Teleseminar sessions
           --  Corporate programs for your employees who are planning their next
       For more information, contact Linda Miller at 2Young2Retire-MN/Start
       Your Best Life Now 
       Call:  612-209-1775 
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